I have been asked many times HOW I teach a Retrieve.

Over the next few weeks and months, I am planning on posting a series of videos of Karrde as he learns a retrieve. The videos will appear on the Debby Quigley Facebook page.

Hahahahahha .. This is going to be a job but hope it helps everyone. :>)

These Games will be revisited on a regular basis though out their career regardless of the venue.

I have definite criteria to both games.
My dog MUST run out, pick up quickly, SPIN back towards me with focus and run back.

These skills should become a HABIT BEFORE moving on to the next level.  That means no extra words, commands or noises.  My dog just automatically does criteria without any help from me.

What is the difference between these games?
The “Cookie Toss” is tossing multiple cookies one at a time.
The “Get It” Game is tossing ONE cookie/toy at a time.

This first video is all about foundations I do BEFORE introducing a dumbbell to the mix. I teach the “Cookie Toss” and “Get It” Games.

Video Notes: In this video, Karrde, my youngest, is the first player. What I liked – Karrde has great desire built to participate. When we first began, the enthusiasm and intent to get back to me was great but I did not like his turn. I started adding a verbal to get the tight spin I was looking for and did achieve good results.

Riker, middle child, is next. Riker has a great spin back and speed away and to me. Note how he focuses back on me quickly after the last treat at me.

Sly, my oldest, is the last. Most of his efforts are awesome. This skill is a HABIT for him.

The last portion of the video is Karrde and Riker with a toy and the “Get It” Game. My criteria is the same whether a treat or toy. Karrde needs more work on the HABIT. Riker does a better job but the first rep was a bit sloppy. Instead of allowing less than criteria, I added his name back into the training. We will spend more time on this step BEFORE progressing.