3 Levels of Training

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There are different Levels of Training your dog.

These levels take you from teaching, to weaning off visible reward or lures, and finally to proofing and perfecting.  Understanding these levels, appropriate to your dog’s knowledge of skills, will make your training easier.

When training my dog, I go through 3 Levels.

Level 1. Teaching. First, I teach my dog the skill and build my dog’s desire to do that skill. While at this level, I use rewards that my dog LOVES. This Level is all about learning and BUILDING DESIRE.

Level 2. Shifting Responsibility. At this Level, I start to shift responsibility to my dog. This means that my dog is responsible for performing a skill on the first command. In addition, my dog is able to do the skill close to my criteria and with diminished lures. Games are added to enhance focus and desire, and consequences are introduced for any lack of effort. This does not mean that the skill is perfect and that my dog will not make a mistake. It simply means that my dog has to take responsibility for doing the skill and/or trying to do the skill. During this Level, the rewards become less obvious, the consequences are added, and games are spontaneous and fun.

Level 3. Proofing and Perfecting. Finally, I proof and perfect the skill. This final step continues to build my dog’s desire to do the skill, improves my dog’s precision, and tests his understanding of the skill. While at this level, I continue to add spontaneous games to reward and maintain desire.

Following the simple levels of training will help you dog understand and continue to learn in a fun and confident manner.

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  1. Enjoyed reading the levels 1,2 and 3… I will go to Poe’s you tube and check it out. You are such an excellent instructor. All of your classes are so good. Thanks,

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