Agility Skills


Like any competitive sport, agility is an athletic event that requires training and teamwork.

Foundation skills are a MUST for success.

Whether starting a new dog off on the right paw or refreshing skills with a dog already showing, foundation skills are key to all training. Learn how to have a solid, reliable foundation for agility skills.

There are many skills that are needed for Agility but the following are a MUST!

The following are FREE to members.

Start Line Stays

We all have had issues somewhere along the line when our dog that is solid in training breaks the stay line stay in the ring. The worst and hardest part is getting the stay back once it is lost. Now is the time to fix that nagging problem. This class will teach you and your dog the skills necessary for your dog to remain at the start line and on a table.


Flatwork is the foundation of all agility handling and has many benefits for agility. A must for all Agility dogs. Furthermore, is great for puppies that are too young to jump and dogs that need to build self-esteem or just learn body placement.  My Flatwork Class will teach you and your dog positional cues, body placement, footwork for front and rear crosses, etc.

Handling Techniques

Good handlers are not only concerned with properly timed directional cues but also want to let their dogs know how much effort is needed for each obstacle. This class teaches you how to accomplish the basic and most popular handling techniques. To make the techniques easier, there are diagrams, videos and explanations of each technique.