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Must have Foundations

This FREE section is free for everyone!
Games! A must for all great dogs!
Building Blocks the Steps to Success!
Games for a Retrieve!
Most Common Handling moves for Agility

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Free Foundations – A MUST!


NEW for 2023

advertFocus FUN – A-Z is a SPECIAL yearlong Facebook Group/Class about

This is a MUST! It is all my focus work wrapped up into a
FABULIOUS yearlong group!

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 adverSpecialty Working Classes

All are working spots with private Facebook groups & Zoom meetings.

Heeling A-Z – Games, Drills, & Skills and Putting it all together

Teaching a Great Retrieve!  – Games to build a GREAT Retrieve!

Fronts&Finishes – Teaching, Drills and Skills, Polishing and Problem Solving.  All you want to get the F&F’s YOU want.

GO-OUTS/Directed Jumping  – The best way to teach and review Go-outs.   Games to build fun and desire.  Also, teaching to Look for jump & how to add Go-Outs.  Drills, games and fun ways to build desire.

SCENT ARTICLES   Successful articles without tie down!  Add in games and drills and, WOW, your dog will love training.

Agility – WEAVES A-Z – Perfect, Polish and Proof!

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diySelf-Serve/DIY CLASSES
Content access until 12/31/23.   Easy to use classes that include “How To” videos and written instructions.  GO AT YOUR OWN PACE!   Topics include, Focus, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Problem behaviors, etc. 

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fbStudy Facebook groups.  Each vary in length, but all are private FB groups for you to post questions and videos.  Plus, each will include additional skills and drill.

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Pressure FREE – Formula to a Pressure FREE dog!   – FB Study group.

Rockin STAYS – FB Study group.

Problem Solving Open & Utility – FB Study group.

PROOFING– Last step to your success – How to do it correctly to build confidence.

Front&Finishes Perfecting Group– Proofing and MORE

Heeling Fun Group  –  Proof, Perfect, Drills and more (Open to all Heeling students)