ABC’s of Agility

or (What you need to teach Agility turns)

Whether your dog is just starting out or has been competing for a while, reviewing foundations is the key to your future success.
  • Are you having trouble with your front or rear crosses?

  • Is your dog not decelerating or extending on your cues?

This class will help you sharpen skills or teach your new dog a solid foundation!

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The ability of a dog and handler to successfully meet the challenges of an agility course and to do so in the fastest possible time is not easy. However, there’s is more to agility than teaching your dog how to perform the obstacles. Wide turns, dropped bars, lack of response to handling cues are issues with foundational skills. It is important to review foundations with your experienced dogs on a regular basis. Success in agility requires proper training, and relies on teamwork between the handler and their dog. By teaching your dog a solid agility foundation, you create a partner who is eager to train and show.

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Objectives of this Class
During the next 6 weeks, this class will teach you and your dog the basic agility skills in a fun and successful manner. Using positive training techniques and sound methods, we take time to build these important foundation skills. We want you and your dog to be confident and successful during the learning process so that we can build your dog’s drive and focus throughout training and later in showing. Practice is important to get the most out of this class. Furthermore, you will be able to post questions or videos in the forum for input.

Skills taught in this class – (not included are contacts, teaching/value building for all obstacles, weaves).
• Start line stays (progression and proofing)
• Acceleration/Deceleration (flatwork and starting on jumps once a stay is taught)
• Go work
• Pole turns and Turning over a jump
• Front and Rear Crosses
• 180 & 270 turns
• Simple sequences with jumps and tunnels

A Class link will show Here and take you to the ABCs of Agility welcome class Page.

Membership is –Introductory price $89 – which includes
6 Week class
6 months access to the class material
A Forum where you can ask questions and post videos
Written review and input from me (Debby Quigley) on your posted videos and questions.

As a participant, you and your dog (one dog per working spot) will work on the exercises/skills presented each week, video tape your training sessions of the exercises/skills presented, then post your videos on YouTube for review and analysis and upload them to the forum. I will review and comment on your videos and questions, help you through problem solving situations, give you ideas and suggestions on how to solve the problems specific for your dog, problem and level of training, provide specific exercises/skills for additional work, and recommend how to improve these exercises/skills. Working participants will have access to the course content and to the discussion forum for 6 months after the class is over.

Instructor: Debby Quigley “I love to teach people and their dogs. This new technology gives give me the opportunity to reach and help those of you and your dogs that can not come to me for training.” “Debby has earned 4 OTCH’s, over a dozen perfect 200 scores, #1 ranked Border Collie in the nation, Placed three consecutive years at the AKC Obedience Invitational, and has over 100 High in Trials. Debby’s students have accomplished OTCH’s, MACH’s, PACH’s, 200’s, High in Trials, High Combines as well as many national placements and rankings.