Why do it?
Flatwork is the foundation of ALL agility handling and has many benefits for you when you are doing agility. Flatwork is the perfect start for your agility training because you can begin with any dog that can follow a treat or toy in your hand. It is ideal for puppies that are too young to jump and for dogs that need to build self-esteem or learn body placement. Your dog will learn to enjoy running with you and responding to your physical cues. In addition, Flatwork  teaches your dog to turn tightly and interpret your body language such as acceleration and deceleration.

Flatwork requires nothing more than you, your dog, and some rewards (treats and/or toys). No agility equipment or agility knowledge is required. In fact, it is important to practice your Flatwork without any agility equipment nearby. You do not want your dog to inadvertently take an obstacle when you do not cue him to do so. The best part about Flatwork is it takes only a few minutes a day to develop a great foundation for your agility dog.

My Flatwork class will teach you everything you need to know about Flatwork. 

With my Flatwork class you get:

  • Easy to use training log.
  • Referral guide for all the Teaching steps.
  • “How to” videos.
  • Problem solving guide.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Availability to ask and have questions answered by ME, DebbyQ.

Please watch the foundation games, Jump to Hand, Cookie Toss Game and Get It Game before proceeding with this class.

FREE to Members

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