Focus FUN! A-Z 2023 Subscription Registration

 Rally, Obedience, Agility!  These classes are a MUST!
Great FOCUS – Faster course times – Engagement!

NEW Focus FB/Class FUN for 2023

GAMES to teach Awesome Focus and Attention.
DRILLS to perfect and build DESIRE.
This year long Group has games to build your dog’s focus no matter where or when!  
Get it ALL NOW and much, much more for less than $1 a day to get PERFECT FOCUS!

This class is full of MY SECRETS that I use with my own dogs to obtain and keep awesome focus and desire while having FUN training and showing.

Focus FUN – A-Z includes:

* 11 months of  Games – to build Focus and desire!

* 11 months of  Class content including “How to” Videos and instructions on my website.

*If you have taken my Focus classes before, this is focus on steroids!  MUCH more work and content.

*Skills to improve and perfect Focus.

*Special Monthly Challenges

* 11 months Facebook group for posting videos and asking questions.

*Private ZOOM Meetings

*Time to teach  and build desire to stay with you and not leave!

*FUN drills to build your dog’s FOCUS.

*Want a way to Revv or Calm your dog, this class has got it!

*Proofing ideas and problem solving.

*Answers to the most common problems.

*PDF files to help you train.

*Access to class content until 12/31/23.

* Limited working Slots, 2 dogs per participant.  This commitment is an 11 month subscription.

This class is packed with ways to PERFECT your dog’s  FOCUS and DESIRE to make training FUN for you and your dog!  

Registration closed. Hope to see you in other classes coming up!