So you’ve got a cute new puppy who is soft, cuddly, loveable, and lots of fun. And he’s also chewing on everything in sight and tearing up the house. What do you do?

• Your puppy is new to the world and is looking to you for direction. Establish yourself as the leader of your “pack”. Take charge and show him what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.
Socialize your puppy so that he is accustomed to a variety of situations. Bring him out on errands, take him and introduce him to different people.

Enroll him in puppy training. He’ll learn basic obedience, learn coping skills and spend some time around other dogs and people.

• Begin house training immediately! Your puppy needs to learn right away where he can and can’t eliminate.

Puppies are so much fun to have but require loads of your time in order to establish good habits and manners.

Start developing appropriate behaviors from the start and you will have a long happy relationship with your wonderful new puppy!

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