Kickin Up TURNS! Registration

Want – To teach a new dog turns, pivots, Figure 8 and more?

Pits– Loosing points when showing?   Let’s clean it up!

Well!  Shows are coming up and NOW is the time to join me and your friends in the Kickin Up TURNS Class. 

Get the desire and accuracy you WANT through fun games and drills.  

Leslye P. says – “I did the Kickin Up online course and it was everything I hoped for and more.  It’s a great course and more than that I enjoyed it.  I’ve gotten a few 40 point heeling scores.”
In this online class, I will teach you how to improve your dog’s TURNS, Figure 8, Pivots and MORE!   This class is full of MY secrets that I use with my own dogs to build awesome focus and desire while continuing to improve and KICK UP TURNS.

It does not matter if your dog is just beginning, or an experienced dog that needs beefed up heeling, or if you have taken this class before.   Sooooo, let’s get our boots on and get going.

What you get with this class;

*I have specifically developed 4 modules packed full of drills and games that will improve all skills involving TURNS.

*Ways to increase your dog’s desire, focus, attention, enthusiasm, and make training FUN for YOU and YOUR DOG!!

*Access to class content and videos for 6 months.

*Zoom meetings (Gold Level).

*PDF files for training logs and training reminders.

*Exclusive FaceBook group for posting video, feedback, and community communication (Gold Level).

*Detailed descriptions of all the steps and how to videos.

*8 weeks of feedback and input from me, DebbyQ  (Gold Level).

*EXTRA bonuses including handler Turns cues, training concepts, and MORE!

See what past GOLD students are saying!

Peggy G says “I am most proud to report that OTCh Feature UDX5 OGM TD RN finished the year as #5 Border Collie and #23 All-Breeds.  WOW!!  So much of her success is because of YOU!  Thank you so much!”

Patricia says “Debby Quigley I have to say – this is the best thing we’ve ever done!!!  His heeling has improved so much!  7 yrs.  I’ve been working to no avail!  Thanks!”

Kay B says “Loved the class, Debby!  Learned some great stuff and had lots fun!  I saw Danny grow up during this 4 weeks and our relationship improve!!  Can’t ask for more than that!!  Thanks for all of your help!!”

This class contains:

  • All turns needed for heeling INCLUDING the Figure 8.
  • Pivots
  • Handler Cues for the clearest communication with your dog.
  • DIG “distractions initiate games”
  • One Way Focus
  • Rear End Awareness.
  • Skills to challenge your dog’s knowledge and improve position.
  • Desire building skills.
  • Proofing ideas and problem solving.
  • Loads of games and skills to make training FUN for you and your dog!

SPECIAL Registration opens May 2021!

Blue Level Includes:

Proceed at your own pace

6 Months access to content and video

Pdf training files

Bonus files and materials

NO FEEDBACK on your work

NO Access to the discussion & feedback community

Gold Level Includes:

Proceed at your own pace

6 Months access to content and video

Pdf training files

Bonus files and materials

8 weeks of FEEDBACK from ME on your work and videos during the class

Exclusive FaceBook group for posting video, feedback and community communication

Registration Opening May 2021.