Practice Stays!


There are two types of dogs. Those that have had stay problems and those that will!  This applies to start-line stays as well as obedience and rally stays.

STAYS can be in a line with other dogs, in a position with the dog by himself such as when leaving for a recall, or on a table or contact.  There are many places throughout dog sports that you will need a stay and have to rely on your dogs understanding of this skill.  Amazingly enough, many times stays are the least practiced. Practicing those boring STAYS is very important.

Allow time during each training session to practice at least one position. Remain close to your dog until he does not make the mistake of moving in any situation. Build on success and allow your dog to gain confidence before increasing difficulty. Randomly reward him for maintaining position and correct him BEFORE he actually moves! As the notion of moving enters his mind, stop the thought before his body changes position!

Test you dogs knowledge of criteria by proofing. This is critical for your dog to totally understand his job under all circumstance and in all environments.  Providing feedback, positives and negative, will help him understand your criteria. Proofing can take place anytime and anywhere and when your dog least expects it which is usually the best times to practice STAYS.

With time, practice and patience your dog will be reliable and consistent on STAYS of any type.

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