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Recently, I was having an interesting conversation with a co-worker about how to determine the best way to problem solve issues with their dog or a student’s dog.

It is difficult to read a book or watch a DVD and learn how to solve training issues and or a student’s training issue. It is not as simple as A, B, or C. The challenge is that if your dog does X then you need to do Y and/or Z. There are many factors that must be taken into account when determining how to solve a training issue. Consideration needs to be given to the dog’s age, level of training, type of dog, how much proofing has been done, temperament, etc. In addition, thought needs to be given to the person’s knowledge base and temperament.

So what needs to be examined when Problem Solving?

As an instructor, a list of questions enter my mind about the dog and the trainer when I try to help solve a training issue.

  • Does the dog have a good foundation of the skill or exercise???
  • Were any foundation steps missed?
  • Has the dog been proofed at all levels?
  • Are foundation steps reinforced regularly???
  • Does the owner shift responsibility of the skill to the dog???
  • Is the student expecting too much and putting unfair pressure on the dog???

These and many more questions have to be answered prior to solving any training issues. There is much thought when attempting problem solving a training issue!

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