Proofing and Problem Solving Open & Utility

Are you tired of losing points?
OR worse NOT Qualifying?
Then this Facebook Study Group is for YOU!!!

What can you expect to learn from this study group:

  • The Facebook group will run for 2 months.
  • Each week we will address specific skills/exercises related to the Open and Utility obedience exercises.
  • Participants can post video and ask questions related to the weeks topics.
  • We will identify areas of weakness in each skill/exercise and give you personalized solutions to achieve the best results for each weakness.
  • In addition, we will review the best ways to proof while keeping training fun.
  • This Study Group is a perfect way to start getting the Qualifying and PERFECT Scores you have been working toward.
  • NOTE – See the Heeling FUN Study group for improving and keeping your heeling fun!

Registration Opens September 2021  :>)