Rockin Stays – in 14 DAYS! Registration 2021

7 Days to a Rockin ACTIVE Stay – Start lines, sits, downs, stands, leaving your dog for any skill but helps with CONTACTS too!

We all have had issues somewhere along the line with our dog breaking the stay line stay or being distracted in the Agility or Obedience ring.  Fall out from this problem can show up in coming off contacts before being released, knocking the first bar in the rush to get going, creeping forward on signals, anticipating recalls, etc.   The worst part of breaking the start line stay is getting the stay back once it is lost.

Although the position you leave your dog in may vary, your dog should remain in position without moving.  Training a dog to remain in a stationary position is really an easy task if it is done with a consistent, effective method.  This class will do just that!  Teach, Perfect, and Proof!

This class will teach YOU all the skills and drills I use to achieve ROCK SOLID “Active” STAYS!
What you get with this Facebook Group:
  • 14 Days of training
  • Instruction and feedback on submitted videos
  • 2 Zoom meetings
  • Private FB Group to ask questions and post videos
  • Games to teach your dog to overcome pressure/stress.
  • Drills to practice and perfect.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Proofing, the best step for your success.
  • Video feedback and questions for 2 weeks in a private FaceBook group.
  • Plus much MORE!

How the Group works

Day 1 – Private Facebook group opens.

Day 2 –  Zoom meeting (recording available for review until day 8).

Day 3-8 – Training, Perfecting, Testing, and answering questions, 1-2 minute videos submitted private FB group.   Each day will be a NEW Skill or Drill.

Day 9 – Zoom meeting – wrap up (available for review until class has ended).

Day 10-14 – Last days to post questions and videos

Facebook Group opens —–
First Zoom meeting ——- CST
Last Zoom meeting ——– CST (time subject to change)

Registration closed … Hope to see you in 2021 :>)