Socialization is so important!

Socialization is so very important when you get a new puppy. It is crucial that your puppy is neither over powered by nor overpowers another puppy or dog. Great social skills and communication will start your puppy on the road to being a great pet and companion!

Spend time learning the different ways dogs communicate. Dogs use their eyes, ears, tail and other body postures and positions. It is you JOB to know, read and protect your new puppy when he is interacting with other puppies and dogs. Keeping your puppy feeling safe and secure is your first priority.

Here are 2 great READING resources on BODY POSTURE. Click on the image and it will take you to the affiliate link.

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“Talking Terms of dogs”

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It is also important to take your puppy to new locations as well as to meet new “friendly” puppies and dogs. Setting a good tone in each new location is equally important. When taking my young pups to new locations, I carry them into building, park, store, etc. This ensures that nothing will startle my puppy and make the new locations unpleasant. My goal is always to keep my puppy safe, make him feel confident and enjoy himself.

Below is Riker, my 3 month old Border Collie, and his new mini friend. As you see, Riker, although much larger, sees the other pup is overwhelmed and compensates by lying down to make himself smaller and less intimidating to the smaller puppy. It is important that Riker not scare or frighten the other, smaller puppy. This is a great life lesson for both puppies.


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