Specialty Working Classes

WORKING Specialty CLASSES –  include a Private Facebook Group for Questions and Feedback on videos.  Website Class Content access until 12/31/23.  The following is a tentative list for 2023. 

No matter what venue you enjoy, these working classes with improve your qualifying rate and scores!


Wicked WEAVES – Perfect, Polish and Proof!  This class will perfect and proof your weaves.  

Get 100% consistent, fast, independent weaves!


Kicking UP Heeling    –  Games, Drills, & Skills and Putting it all together

Teaching a Great Retrieve!  – Games to build a GREAT Retrieve!

Fronts&Finishes – Teaching, Drills and Skills, Polishing and Problem Solving.  All you want to get the F&F’s YOU want.

GO-OUTS/Directed Jumping  – The best way to teach and review Go-outs.   Games to build fun and desire.  Also, teaching to Look for jump & how to add Go-Outs.  Drills, games and fun ways to build desire.  

SCENT ARTICLES  – Successful articles without tie down!  Add in games and drills and, WOW, your dog will love training.