Study Facebook Groups

NEW for 2023
Study Facebook groups.  Vary in length from 1-4 months.
All include FB group for questions, videos, and more!
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Study Facebook Groups 

Heeling Fun Group  This 4 month class/FB group is full of Teaching, Games, Perfecting, Drills, and more.  This group has my games to keep training fun, drills to perfect, and skills to create awesome, focused heeling.  And YES, you get 4 months with me building a great foundation and continuing to have an awesome heeling partner.

F&F – Teach, Proof, Perfect, and MORE.  This class is packed full of information for teaching, perfecting and proofing Fronts & Finishes.  It is a must for all Rally and Obedience exhibitors!   Great Fronts and Finishes seem to be an easy concept and yet are HARD to teach your dog.   The challenge is keeping your dog accurate and confident while maintaining speed and desire. STOP LOSING THOSE POINTS!

Pressure FREE – Formula to a Pressure FREE dog!   Formula how to Pressure FREE your dog!   Teach your dog how to LAUGH in the face of PRESSURE!  Join me in this fun FB Group to learn the games and techniques I use to teach my dogs how to cope and even ENJOY skills, events, and environments that create pressure with your dog. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
NOW is the time to “PRESSURE FREE YOUR Dog!”

Rockin STAYS   – 7 Days to a Rockin ACTIVE Stay – Start lines, sits, signals, command discrimination, leaving your dog for any skill but helps with CONTACTS and tables too!  This class will teach YOU all the skills and drills I use to achieve ROCK SOLID “Active” STAYS!

Problem Solving Open & Utility – This Study Group is a perfect way to get Qualifying and PERFECT Scores you have been working toward.  This group is geared for dogs that know the principle parts of the exercises in Open/Utility.

PROOFING– Last step to your success – Proofing is the step YOU need to get consistent, confident performances.  Want to learn HOW to get the most from your proofing?  Teach your dog how to WIN at the proofing game.  Learn techniques that I use to gain success and confidence in ALL environments!
DebbyQ is the author of “Success is in the Proofing” book.