Training in New Places

Training in new locations, with new people and in different conditions are important steps in training as well as preparing your dog for the ring. Training in a variety of conditions will give your dog confidence to perform any skill in any situation.

The following are some ideas that can help you on your road to success. You can find additional ideas in the book, “Success is in the Proofing”. The book covers the how to’s and why’s of proofing for all levels from Novice to Utility.

NEW PLACES: If it doesn’t say “NO DOGS ALLOWED”, take your dog in. If asked to leave, do so promptly and politely!!
• The bank
• Hardware Stores
• Parks
• Downtown sidewalks
• Laundromat

• Carrier delivering your mail
• People outside the fence during a youth sports event
• Neighborhood teenagers
• Bicyclist wearing a helmet
• People wearing different types of hats (baseball hats, cowboy hats, large brimmed hats)
• Person washing their car
• Kids playing outside
• Person pushing a stroller
• Girl Scouts selling cookies
• Santa ringing a bell

• Dew on the grass
• Gravel on the ground
• Mud
• Work on a hill
• Work in shallow water
• Train in the rain and wind
• Train when it is cold outside/hot outside

• Dogs around in the area (make sure they are under control and no threat to your dog)
• Leaves blowing
• Cats/squirrels
• Motorcycles
• Trucks or construction equipment
• Horses
• Live music

Add your own ideas to each category as these are just initial thoughts to help you get OUT OF THE BOX
See “Proofing for Success” for more ideas.

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