Two Toy Game

The two toy game is wonderful to help your pup/dog learn to run out to toy, grab it, and bring it back to you. The Cookie Toss game is a great foundation for this game.

I LOVE these FUZZY tugs!

Basically, it is a game that uses two toys. Keep one toy (the best or favorite toy) and throw the other. Start off by playing tug with your pup/dog. Next toss the lesser of the two toys a little ways from you. Tell your puppy/dog to “get it” and encourage him to grab the toy. Come back to you by either calling him or hitting the ground with the toy you have kept or both. DO NOT worry about your pup/dog bringing the other toy back at first. That comes with time. Also, encourage your pup to deliver the toy to your hand when he does bring it back.

Below is Riker’s first try at this game. He loves playing tug and has been tugging but he also needs to learn coming back with a toy. His bringing me back the toy will start another game of tug. So he is learning to activate the game!


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