Come BACKKKKKKKK Registration

100% Reliable Recall!!!!

Want a dog that doesn’t RUN OFF?

Who doesn’t want that?

Just have a great reliable RECALL?

Something every trainer wants!

A dog that ALWAYS COMES when called?

Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

Get it ALL NOW!

This class is full of MY SECRETS that I use with my own dogs to teach and keep my dog COME BACK.  

The COME BACK Class contains:

*10 Drills & Skills that I use with my dogs that improves and teaches Recalls.

*Fun NEW twists on some of my favorite games.

*Drills to practice and perfect.

*”How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

*Games to build desire and fun.

*Proofing.  The last and best step for your success.

*Easy to use training log.

*Points to Remember PDF.

*Access to class content for 1 year.

*Work at your own pace.

This class is packed with ways to IMPROVE and PERFECT!