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Each group is chock full of information, games, and drills

that YOU & your dog will love!
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fbStudy Facebook groups. 
Each vary in length, but all are private FB groups for
you to post questions and videos. 
Plus, each will include additional skills and drill.

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Heeling Problem Solving and Proofing Group – Proofing and perfecting, Games, Drills and much, much, MORE! 


Fronts&Finishes Problem Solving and Proofing –  It’s time to Improve, Fine-tune & FIX those Front&Finish issues!


Problem Solving & Proofing Open & Utility – FB Study group.


Weaves Proofing & Problem Solving  What you will get with this class Fast weaves,  NO MORE Pops out at pole 10,  HIT entries 100% of the time,  rock-solid weaves you can count on!