Self-Serve (DIY) Classes

Self-Serve/DIY CLASSES – Content access for 1 YEAR!  

These classes have all the instructions, videos and training PDF’s you will need to teach everything in the class.  You will have an entire year to review and learn all the easy-to-follow instructions.

Click on the links below to find out more.

As a “special” for Audit class students, this is your chance and an *additional option to ask me a question or send a training video to me for critiquing and input.   This offer is only good for Audit Students for the class they are registered.

Each Audit class is $49.95 OR 3 for $119.95.  Please contact DebbyQ for 3 class rebate.


Heeling – Pt 1 – Games & Skills – Audit available SIGN UP

Turns – Pt 2 – Games, Drills, & Skills – Audit available SIGN UP

Kicking UP Heeling Pt 3- Audit available SIGN UP  – Putting it all together

Teaching a Great Retrieve!  – Audit available SIGN UP – Games to build a GREAT Retrieve!

Fronts –Audit available SIGN UP!   Games & Skills – PT 1

Finishes – Audit available SIGN UP!   Games & Drills – PT 2

Fronts&Finishes – Polishing and Problem Solving – PT 3  Audit available SIGN UP! 

GO-OUTS – Pt 1 – The best way to teach and review Go-outs.   Games to build fun and desire.  Audit available SIGN UP

Directed Jumping – Pt 2 – Teaching to Look for jump & how to add Go-Outs.  Drills, games and fun ways to build desire.  Audit available SIGN UP! 

Retrieve – Flat & High Jump Audit available SIGN UP!   Once you have a retrieve, teaching your dog the difference between a flat and high is so important. 

SCENT ARTICLES  Audit available SIGN UP!   Successful articles without tie down!  Add in games and drills and, WOW, your dog will love training.

Directed Retrieve – Gloves   Teach a great MARK and the hard part is done.  Learn how to teach and perfect your Glove exercise.  Audit available SIGN UP! 

BROAD JUMP  So easy and yet so hard.  This class goes into a great method to teach your dog to jump straight, look for the jump, and have fun doing it!  Audit available SIGN UP! 

Focus, FUNdations, and Games

Focus ABC’s   –  Audit available SIGN UPThis class is the fundamentals and foundations for focus.  Learn the Games, Drills, and Skills that I teach all my dogs to help your dog with FOCUS, Motivation and Engagement!  It’s all about building and balance!

Games4Focus –  Audit available SIGN UP – This class is packed full of games and techniques to achieve awesome FOCUS!  This class has games to build your dog’s focus when leaving, calm when waiting yet maintain focus, and build engagement.

Focus&MORE  Audit available SIGN UP – Planning on showing OR you are showing now?  This class is a MUST for any dog that is or will be showing.   Ways to keep focus in the ring, warm up drills to get you engaged, and drills, skills, and fun ways to kick up your focus, training and showing!  


Come BACK!  Audit available SIGN UP – 100% reliable  RECALL

Bring It BACK!  Audit available SIGN UP! Dog run off with toys? No MORE!

Get-a-GRIP Audit available SIGN UP!  Self-Control.  GET IT!


WEAVES A-Z Perfect and Polish!  Get  awesome weaves NOW ! – Audit available SIGN UP  

Foolproof CrossesAudit available SIGN UP  –The 3 basic foundation handling crosses.

As a “special” for Audit class students, is an *additional option to ask me a question or send one training video. 
This offer is only good for Audit Students for the class they are currently taking.  I’m looking forward to answering your question or problem solving your videos.