Debby Quigley Dog Training


dog teacherBuild DESIRE while improving PRECISION with my online dog training classes.   Do you want to be successful, in Obedience, Rally, and Agility, as well as companion pet training and behavioral issues?  Sign Up for classes NOW!

“Never give up DESIRE for PRECISION!”

How the Online Classroom Works (and why you want to sign up for MY Online classes.)

karrde laptop

  • Easy to use with your computer or IPad. Just log on and learn.
  • Spend as much, or as little time as you want each week. You will have access 24/7.
  • FaceBook groups to post questions or comments.
  • Helpful PDF files and training logs, to guide you through training.
  • Quick Feedback on all questions or any videos you post.
  • I teach you how I train, what I do, and what I know that works for all dog breeds.
  • The TOP TEN REASONS why online classes will benefit YOU and your dog.