About Debby

MY MISSION – to provide great instruction that is successful and fun for EVERYONE!  I want to see EVERYONE achieve their goals and have the best companion possible.

I train, teach, and compete in agility, rally, nosework, and obedience.  I started off teaching my dog just the basics and went on to competing and teaching dog sports.  There is a great deal of satisfaction helping people achieve their goals with their dogs.

Competition highlights:
Over 200 AKC Obedience High in Trials
Over 150 AKC
Obedience High Combined
Three times placed at AKC Invitational
Multiple AKC Otch’s, Mach’s, PACH’s, TD’s, as well as competing in herding, field work, nosework, scent work, and freestyle.
Author of “Success is in the Proofing” book
Multiple wins and placements at AKC National events.
Numerous National rankings
Some of my specialties include:
– how to play with your dog and build drive in your dog to work!
– how to motivate your dog through great training mechanics and methods
– how to achieve that “perfect” performance

Services include:
* Analysis of your competitive performance, so you can train more effectively, achieve your goals and enjoy the process of getting there.
* Analysis of your training process, so you can become a better communicator, use better techniques, and get better results from your dog, a willing partner.
* Analysis of your handling style for Obedience, Agility or Rally.
* Help you understand and learn how to read and most effectively run Agility courses

I use a professional video editing system to enhance the work that I do for clients.
The videos that I produce all have the same goal: to strengthen the bond between our clients and their dogs.

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Please see my One on One Coaching page for additional information.

Why do OnLine training?
It is fun having the flexibility of the OnLine classes. If you are busy a few days a week, there is no problem, just do what you can when you can. It is easy to catch up with online classes because the information online whenever you are ready. Online classes are better than classes where you only get 1 hour each week because with online classes you can read or watch the class as often as you want. Furthermore, OnLine classes offer more personal attention and feed back than during a 1 hour class session.

What makes me unique and different from other online dog training resources?
My knowledge and resources provide you the opportunity to view step-by-step instructions with visual demonstrations of skills that creates great performance and companion dogs. You will be amazed how the dog training techniques, concepts, and philosophy I can show and teach you will enhance your relationship with your dog, and subsequently your experience in training and showing.