Success is in the Proofing

Teach first and then test! Unfortunately, many trainers are unaware of the important role “proofing” plays in a balanced training program. Now there is a book devoted exclusively to this important training concept! Written with both the novice and advanced trainer in mind, this book presents readers with detailed information on the how’s and why’s of proofing. Basic proofing concepts and guidelines are thoroughly explained so that any trainer regardless of their expertise can successfully incorporate proofing into any training program to help produce a reliable and confident canine partner in the ring. In addition, the book is chock-full of specific ideas relating to thorough proofing for all AKC obedience exercises. Readers will find scores of these ideas are also useful for proofing many Rally exercises, and lineups in agility and nosework. In addition, space is provided to encourage trainers to write notes and to expound on the ideas that are listed.

This is definitely not a book to put on the shelf! But instead, trainers everywhere will find it’s very portable and its user friendly design makes it a perfect resource to slip into a training bag and take along while training!

E-Book now available!
PDF format $9.95

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