What you need

There are a few things you will need in order to get the most out of your training. Many class will require you to have treats, toys or equipment such as leash, collar or jumps.

Please have any equipment ready BEFORE getting your dog out to train.

Use high value food to help encourage and motivate your dog. Since the treat will be thrown or placed on the floor, use a type of food that will not break apart and that your dog can easily see once it is on the ground. For example, if the ground is a dark color, use a light colored food. I recommend something like Soft Treats. Make sure the treats are small, soft and your dog is able to pick them up and eat them very quickly. Avoid tossing the treat into grass or any other surface that is littered with leaves, rocks or other debris. If your dog has a hard time locating the treat after your have thrown it, it will break his concentration and delay his response.

Use a variety of toys while training. Keep the game interesting and keep your dog guessing throughout your training sessions. I find that a dog will love to tug with toys such as, Flossy Rope Tug or Squeaky Plush Squirrel or Wool Tug toy.

Collars and Leashes
Please use any training collar you are currently using while training your dog. If you use something other than a Buckle Dog Collar, please add a buckle collar in addition to what you are using. I use a lot of “hands on” while teaching and training and it makes building drive easier if the dog is willing to pull against their collar. Please always use a leash when you are training in an unenclosed area.