How the Online Classroom Works (and why you want to sign up for MY Online classes.)

  • Easy to use with your computer or IPad. Just log on and learn.
  • Spend as much, or as little time as you want each week. You will have access 24/7.
  • FaceBook groups to post questions or comments.
  • Helpful PDF files and training logs, to guide you through training.
  • Quick Feedback on all questions or any videos you post.
  • I teach you how I train, what I do, and what I know that works for all dog breeds.
  • Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why online classes will benefit you and your dog.

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This class is free for everyone!

Games! A must for all great dogs!

This class is free for everyone!

Building Blocks the Steps to Success!

This section is free for everyone!

Games for a Retrieve!

Success is in the Proofing
PDF available for $9.95
Proofing is the last, and most important step to having success in the ring.

SPECIALTY CLASSES – 6 Months access to class content & includes a 4 week Facebook Group with feedback on videos and questions.


GO-OUTS – March

Directed Jumping – April

Teaching a Great Retrieve! – May

Retrieve – Flat & High Jump – July


Directed Retrieve – Gloves – Sept

BROAD JUMP – September

Focus, FUNdations, and Games

Focus Cram Course! – January

Come BACK! – Feb

Bring It BACK! – April

Get-a-GRIP – June


WEAVES A-Z  – April

Foolproof Crosses


Specialty Facebook Study Groups – Run 2-4 weeks

Pressure FREE – Formula to Pressure Proof your dog!   November – FB 2 week Study group.

Rockin STAYS – September  – FB 2 week Study group.

Heeling Fun Group – August – November – 4 Months

Problem Solving Open & Utility – 1 Month – November

Special FB CHECK-IN Groups – Taken a class and want to follow-up for input and post videos.

Extended Classes – 6 Months access to class content & 8 week Facebook Group with feedback on videos and questions.

Week 1 Opens Jan 8, 2021!
Get your Fab Fronts and Finishes!
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Kickin Up Heeling 2o21
Week 1 Opens March 12, 2021
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Kickin Up Turns Class
This is a companion class to Kickin Up Heeling.
Week 1 Opens May 14, 2021
You can not have great heeling if your don’t have great TURNS!
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This class is packed full of games and techniques to achieve awesome FOCUS!
Week 1 Opens August 2021
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Games, Focus & BEYOND! 
Week 1 Opens Octber 2021
Learn drills, skills, and fun ways to kick up your focus, training, and showing!
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