Here is YOUR opportunity to get feedback on your competition runs and training practice! 

NEW!  I now have LIVE sessions available through ZOOM.  This is a great way for you to see me and I can watch you while suppling you with input and tweaks to your training.   The ZOOM app is easy to use on most tablets, cell phones, or computers.   In our session, we can address your training problems, you can share your videos so we can review and tweak your training, AND you will receive a video link to our session that you will be able to review.

Let me help you improve your dog’s DESIRE, FOCUS, and ATTENTION. You CAN have the performances you dream of!!

My long-distance tutoring provides
you with MY insight and advice to improve your
training and show performance!

I have had over 30 years of hands-on experience and success.
I am pleased to offer long distance students
my analyses of their training through the use of video and on-line support.

Our session will provide you with:

Ways to improve your training and showing.

Observations of your training/showing videos or live session.

Ideas and suggestions for improving skills and problem solving.

A video copy of our session to keep for use during subsequent training sessions.

It is simple to begin to improve your training through use of video or live meetings.

A Video Lesson consists of 1-2 videos of a show or training.  Videos, approximately 5 minutes in length, can be sent to me along with issues you would like to improve.  Approx. 30 minutes that comprise of 2-3 in-depth emails.   Payment for video lessons are due upon scheduling.   

A Live  Lesson consists of approximately a 20 minute session on ZOOM.  One follow up email to answer any additional questions after the lesson.  A video recording of the lesson that you can download and keep for your private use.   Payment for Live lessons are due upon scheduling.

Purchase 1 Private Video Lesson $65.00

Purchase 2 Private Video Lessons $100.00

Purchase 1 Live Zoom Lesson $50.00

Contact DebbyQ for more information.