KrazyKookie Game Classroom

The “KrazyKookie” Game is a personal favorite game of mine.  I use this game to build desire in dogs that do not play with toys.  It makes the dog work for the treat so there are no “freebies.”  As a result, a dog HAS to give more effort to “WIN” the reward.  This is a FUN game for both the handler and their dog.

Even dogs that don’t play with toys easily learn and like playing the “KrazyKookie” Game.

The secret to the “KrazyKookie” Game is making the “cookie” come alive.  Having your dog chase the cookie hand is exciting and fun.  This game is a great way to reward your dog while training and helps to build and improve engagement and desire.


  • Use high value treats and have a hungry dog.
  • Show your dog the treat.  Once your dog has seen the treat in your hand, slowly begin to move your hand around and away from your dog.  Keep the treat low or right above your dog’s nose level.
  • To entice my dog to chase my hand that contains the treat, I say something like “hurry, can you get it” in an exciting voice.  As my dog follows the treat, I move it just fast enough to keep it out of my dog’s grasp.  Move the treat slowly in different directions.
  • To let your dog “catch” the treat, slow down your hand just enough for your dog to catch the treat.
  • DO NOT stop or give your dog the treat.  Rather let him “catch” it.
  • Once your dog understands the game, start to use multiple treats when rewarding your dog.  In other words, have treats in both hands.  When your dog chases a treat in one hand have another treat in your opposite hand ready to go.  Your dog chases the second treat as you are getting a third treat in your free hand, etc.

As your dog starts to understand the game, move your treat hand faster and more erratically.

Video Notes: First in this video is Riker.  He is showing the foundations for the KrazyKookie Game.  I move my hand slowly to make it easy for him to “win” and catch the treat in my hand.  Once he lost the treat hand, no worries, I just helped him a bit while keeping the game fun.

Next, is Karrde.  He is still learning this game and the rules.  Karrde can easily go over the top, i.e. over-excites, so I will use this game to help teach him to stay under control yet stay energized.  This will be a great self-control drill for him.

Then, in the video, Riker and I play the KrazyKookie game adding in chasing me.  This adds to the KrazyKookie game will add extra excitement.  Note that I am moving around and keep moving away from my dog.  This is a great way to teach my dog to always drive toward me.

Last in the video is Sly.  He LOVES this game and has been playing it for a number of years.  When he takes too long to get the dropped treat off the floor, I make it URGENT to hurry and get back to me.  At no time, will I allow him to shop or delay returning to me.

Remember to have your dog chase the treat for a little while before allowing your dog to “catch” it and get the treat in your hand.  Make chasing the treat fun and exciting!