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articlesIs it time to start teaching your dog Articles?

Do you want to IMPROVE or PRFECT Articles your dog already knows?

 This class will teach you my drills, steps, and ways I teach, perfect, and proof Articles.

Sign up NOW!  Don’t MISS OUT!! 

This class has all you need to train HOW to TEACH, PERFECT, and PROOF Scent Articles. 
No matter the breed, YOUR DOG will LOVE this class!

What you get with this class:

* “How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

* Games to build desire and fun.

* Drills to practice and perfect.

* Learn the best way to sequence and maintain desire and build accuracy.

* Problem Solving.

* Proofing, the best step for your future success.

* Easy to use training log.

* Points to Remember PDF.

*Access to class content for 1 year.