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Awesome Focus and Attention.

Who doesn’t want that?

No more wondering off or sniffing.

Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

A confident ENGAGED dog everywhere you go.

Something every trainer wants!

Get it ALL NOW and much, much more!

The clock is ticking and it is time to learn the games and techniques to improve your dog’s FOCUS and ENGAGEMENT.

This class is full of MY SECRETS that I use with my own dogs to obtain and keep awesome focus and desire while having FUN training and showing.

Prerequisites for this class: This class is designed for all dogs, of all ages, to a dog that has his OTCH. This class will improve and build your dog’s attention, focus, and desire to train with you.

See what students are saying!

Phyllis P says “Thank you for connecting the dots. I’ve taken some good classes in the past but this has been the best class for filling in the holes and give me a better relationship with my dog. Everyone needs to take this class and do not rush thru it. For me, I particularly love the organization of the class. It not only builds on a progression of the skills but does it in a manner that is easy to return to the previous lesson when necessary while proofing and refresh you memory on what that level contains rather than thinking your dog know this and should do what is requested in the new situation. The videos were great for me to understand how small a new situation can be to your dog which can effect his inability to focus. I recommend this course to everyone training their dog.”

Kay B says “Loved the class, Debby! Learned some great stuff and had lots fun! I saw Danny grow up during this 4 weeks and our relationship improve!! Can’t ask for more than that!! Thanks for all of your help!!”

Liz H says “I’m taking the course for the second time and am reminded of the small nuances and steps that can make a big difference in the teams performance, commitment and engagement.
For me that can mean have a plan for the training session and what we need to work on. Switching gears if things come up in the session and addressing that issue or behavior. Example – coming out of the crate, cheese ready, and attention as he exists the crate. Not exiting, sitting then working attention as I put on the leash. We’ve lost connection then.
Reading the material resonates more and I’m saying yep, yep… the little things build to the bigger picture. WAIT, didn’t you say that…Yep.”

What you will get with this 4 week class;

  • I have specifically developed modules on topics that will improve your dog’s desire, focus, attention, enthusiasm and make TRAINING FUN!
  • 6 months access to the class material.
  • Pdf files for training reminders and training logs.
  • Exclusive FaceBook group for posting video, feedback, and community communication (Gold Level).
  • Detailed descriptions of all the steps.
  • How to Videos.
  • 5 Weeks of Feedback and input from me, DebbyQ (Gold Level).
  • and MORE!

Class Objectives are: My main objective is to teach you how to build and maintain desire, attention and the “I want to train/show” in your dog.  In so doing, you will learn some of MY SECRETS to success:

  • Techniques to build focus.
  • Ways to teach your dog to turn on the training game and to initiate training.
  • Games to build focus.
  • Games to keep your dog active and engaged.
  • Solid ACTIVE stays.
  • Best game to teach and get the most out of play.
  • A dog that wants to stay with you regardless the distractions.
  • Balance in training.

Registration is Opening Soon.

If you have not taken my classes before, know that I:

  • give personal detailed feedback and am with you every step of the way.
  • review the videos virtually every day and spend a great deal of time reviewing every video submitted.
  • list specific places in your video that need attention and give you ways to correct any issues.

A bit about me, Debby Quigley. “I love to teach people and their dogs”. Online technology gives give me the opportunity to reach and help those of you and your dogs that cannot come to me for training. I have earned Multiple OTCH’s, MACH’s, and PACH’s, over a dozen perfect 200 scores, had the #1 ranked Border Collie in the Nation, placed three consecutive years at the AKC Obedience Invitational, and over 100 High in Trials and High Combines.

My students have accomplished OTCH’s, MACH’s, PACH’s, 200’s, High in Trials, High Combines as well as many national placements and rankings.

Blue Level Includes:
Proceed at your own pace
6 Months access to content and video
PDF training files
PDF Points to Remember files
NO FEEDBACK on your work
NO Access to the discussion & feedback community
Gold Level Includes:
Proceed at your own pace
6 Months access to content and video
PDF training files
PDF Points to Remember files
5 weeks FEEDBACK from ME on your work and videos
Exclusive FaceBook group for posting video, feedback and community communication

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