Get A GRIP Registration


*Is your dog WILD?

*Need Self-Control?

*Meeting people a chore?

*Are you at your whit’s end?

*Then this class is for you!

Or rather your dog.  :>)

It’s time to Get A GRIP!

This class has what you need to teach your dog to Get A GRIP and still stay in an “active state of mind”.  

What you get with this class:

*Skills that I use with my dogs that improves their self- control and confidence.

*Drills to practice, build, and perfect.

*”How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

*Games to build confidence, desire, and fun.

*Easy to use training log.

*Points to Remember PDF.

*6 month access to content.

*Video feedback and questions for 4 weeks in a private FaceBook Page.