Have you thought –


About EVERYTHING your dog and you
need to know and do
BEFORE you enter a show?


It can make or break your show debut!

My dog:

Has been trained to meet my criteria for every skill he will need while in the ring. (This includes transitions to and from the ring, as well as in the ring.)

Has been weaned off of all luring as well as all extra help, or any training aids.

Understands how to perform skills in all situations and environments.  (Proofing and testing every skill is the final step of training, before you show.  Always proof for the unexpected.)

Willingly stays with you and will not leave to visit people or check out something on the floor. (No cheating on this one.  No use of extra commands.  Also with or without a leash on.)

You must:

Be able to go into the ring and be confident, and control your nerves and emotions (mental toughness training).  Remember SHOW TO TRAIN!  Show to see where your training is, and what you need to improve upon.

Shift the responsibility of all skills to the dog (performs without any help or lures visible).

Set good habits when with your dog in everyday life as well as when training.

Train in new locations and video tape sessions on a regular basis. (At least 1-2 times a week minimum.)

Read the Rule Book.

BEFORE you enter a show, make a check list of everything you and your dog need to know.  If you have questions, ask your instructor or someone with knowledge in that venue for help and advice.

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