Scent Article Registration

Description of Exercise:  Articles consist of two sets: five metal, five leather, and or 5 wood.  Each set of articles must be legibly numbered (i.e. 1 – 5) and the articles in each set must be identical.  Prior to entering the ring, the handler will give the articles to the ring stewards, who will keep them on the Judge’s table.  When it is time for the exercise, the dog, on command, will turn and sit or turn and go directly to the article pile, where he will select the correct article by scent and promptly retrieve.  This sequence happens twice when showing.

This class is only offered once a year!  Limited working slots available.

This class has all you need to train HOW to teach, perfect, and proof Scent Articles.

What you get with this class:

*Drills to practice and perfect.

*”How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

*Games to build desire and fun.

*Proofing. The last and best step for your success.

*Easy to use training log.

*Points to Remember PDF.

*6 month access to content.

*Post YouTube video in a private Forum.

*Video feedback and questions for 4 weeks in a private FaceBook Page.