Wicked Weaves Registration 2023 Audit

weave training

Is your dog – Slow in the weaves?   

Pops out at pole 10? 

Want more Independence on your dog’s weaves?

Would you like a rock-solid weave performance?

This class is CRAMMED full of skills, drills, and games to improve and perfect your dog’s weaves.  

No matter the breed, YOUR DOG will LOVE this class!

This class will Proof and perfect so you have wickedly independent awesome WEAVES.

Prerequisite – a dog that can perform a set of 4-6 weaves.

This class has what you need to improve and perfect your dog’s weaves.

What you get with this class:

*Skills that I use with my dogs that improves my dog’s focus and independence with weaves.

*Drills to practice and perfect.

*”How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

*Games to build desire and fun.

*Proofing.  The last and best step for your success.

*Easy to use training logs.

*Access to content until 12/31/23.

Audit NOW available