Foolproof Crosses Audit Registration

Improve your handling while building desire and speed in your crosses!

*Is your dog unresponsive to cross cues?   

*Do you want to build desire and create better collection and extension on turns?  

*Are you uncomfortable with basic crosses?  FC, RC, BC

*Having issues on course because you can’t preform a certain cross?  Never say again “I can’t get there” OR “my dog doesn’t do well with that cross”.  

*Then this class is for you!   AND your dog.  :>)

It’s time to Foolproof your Crosses!

This class has what you need to teach and prefect your dog and your Crosses.

What you get with this class:

*Skills that I use with my dogs that improves their responses to Front Cross, Rear Cross, and Blind Cross cues.

*Drills to practice, build, and perfect the 3 basic turns.

*”How to Teach” videos and written instructions.

*Games to build confidence, build desire, and increase speed and cue responses.

*Easy to use training logs PDF.

*Drill PDF.

*Access to class content for 1 year.

Audit ONLY