FRONTS & FINISHES PT 3 Audit Registration


You have been DREAMING of perfect FRONTS and FINISHES.

This is the last of a series of three F&F classes.  Once you have completed Fronts-Pt1 and Finishes PT2, it’s now is the TIME to Perfect those FRONTS & FINISHES.

Great Fronts and Finishes seem to be an easy concept and yet are HARD to teach your dog.   The challenge is keeping your dog accurate and confident while maintaining speed and desire.

This class has my SECRETS and favorite drills to help you polish and problem solve fronts and finishes.   

This F&F Perfecting PT 3 Class contains:

*Access to class content for 1 year.

* Games – to build desire and FUN!

*Gadgets – and HOW to use them properly.

*Hand Cues – to MAXIMIZE your dog’s learning.

*Polishing techniques that WORK! 

*FUN drills to challenge your dog’s knowledge and improve position.

*Proofing ideas and problem solving.

*U-Asked (answers to the most asked questions).

+ Bonus files and materials

This class is packed with ways to PERFECT your F&F’s and make training FUN for you and your dog!