Games4Focus Audit Registration

 Rally, Obedience, Agility!  These classes are a MUST!
Great FOCUS – Faster course times – Engagement!

GAMES to teach Awesome Focus and Attention.
DRILLS to perfect and build DESIRE.
This class has games to build your dog’s focus when leaving, calm when waiting yet maintain focus, and build engagement.
Get it ALL NOW and much, much more!

This class is full of MY SECRETS that I use with my own dogs to obtain and keep awesome focus and desire while having FUN training and showing.

Phyllis P says “Thank you for connecting the dots. I’ve taken some good classes in the past but this has been the best class for filling in the holes and give me a better relationship with my dog. Everyone needs to take this class and do not rush thru it.  The videos were great for me to understand how small a new situation can be to your dog which can effect his inability to focus. I recommend this course to everyone training their dog.”

Kay B says “Loved the class, Debby! Learned some great stuff and had lots fun! I saw Danny grow up during this 4 weeks and our relationship improve!! Can’t ask for more than that!! Thanks for all of your help!!” 

The Games4Focus Class contains:

* Games – to build desire and FUN!

*Skills to improve and perfect.

*Ways to MAXIMIZE your dog’s learning.

*Teach your dog to stay with you and not to visit!

*FUN drills to challenge your dog’s FOCUS knowledge.

*Want a way to Revv or Calm your dog, this class has got it!

*Proofing ideas and problem solving.

*Answers to the most common problems.

*Access to class content for 1 year.

This class is packed with ways to PERFECT your dog’s  FOCUS and DESIRE to make training FUN for you and your dog!