Games4Focus Registration 2022

GAMES to teach Awesome Focus and Attention.

Who doesn’t want that?

DRILLS to perfect and build DESIRE.

Yes you want it!

A confident ENGAGED dog everywhere you go.

Something every trainer wants!

Get it ALL NOW and much, much more!

This class is full of MY SECRETS that I use with my own dogs to obtain and keep awesome focus and desire while having FUN training and showing.

  See what past GOLD students are saying!

Phyllis P says “Thank you for connecting the dots. I’ve taken some good classes in the past but this has been the best class for filling in the holes and give me a better relationship with my dog. Everyone needs to take this class and do not rush thru it.  The videos were great for me to understand how small a new situation can be to your dog which can effect his inability to focus. I recommend this course to everyone training their dog.”

Kay B says “Loved the class, Debby! Learned some great stuff and had lots fun! I saw Danny grow up during this 4 weeks and our relationship improve!! Can’t ask for more than that!! Thanks for all of your help!!” 

The Games4Focus Class contains:

* Games – to build desire and FUN!

*Skills to improve and perfect.

*Ways to MAXIMIZE your dog’s learning.

*Teach your dog to stay with you and not to visit!

*FUN drills to challenge your dog’s FOCUS knowledge.

*Want a way to Revv or Calm your dog, this class has got it!

*Proofing ideas and problem solving.

*Answers to the most common problems.

*Live ZOOM Meetings (Gold Members) .

* 8 Weeks Facebook Group (Gold Members)

*6 months access to class content.

This class is packed with ways to PERFECT your dog’s  FOCUS and DESIRE to make training FUN for you and your dog!

Blue Level Includes:

Proceed at your own pace

6 Months access to content and video

Pdf training files

Bonus files and materials

NO FEEDBACK on your work

NO Access to the discussion & feedback community

Gold Level Includes:

6 Months access to content and video

*Access to class content and videos for 6 months.

*Zoom meetings.

*PDF files for training logs and training reminders.

*Exclusive FaceBook group for posting video, feedback, and community communication.

*Detailed descriptions of all the steps and how to videos.

*8 weeks of feedback and input from me, DebbyQ.

*EXTRA bonuses and MORE!

Registration closed.