Open & Utility Proofing FB Group Registration


Are you tired of LOSING points?

OR worse NOT Qualifying?

Would you like to have CONFIDENCE in your training?

Then this Facebook Group is for YOU!!!


What can you expect to learn from this Facebook group:

Post videos and questions to get personalized feedback.

5 weeks of Proofing fun!

How to Proof and identify problems in your training. 

Ideas on how to work through problems. 

Proofing Challenges to help build your dog’s confidence.

Zoom Meetings

This Facebook Group is a perfect way to complete your Open & Utility training. 

This group is geared for dogs that know the principle parts of the exercises in Open/Utility.

While we will address Signals and the Moving Stand, the heeling portions of skills are not covered in this group.   Please see Heeling Game and Skills Pt 1, Heeling Turn Pt 2, and Heeling Pt 3 to perfect and build focus and desire in your heeling.

The Facebook group will run for 2 months and is billed per month (no refunds or cancelations).
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