There are many variations of the sit because it is such a common and necessary skill for any dog in all venues and in everyday live. In Obedience and Rally Competition, dogs sit sometime in virtually every exercise from recalls to retrieves to the long sit. In Agility, dogs usually sit at the start line prior to a run or on the table. Having your dog sit is also important in everyday life when you open a door to meet neighbors, the mailman, let your dogs out, etc. In Obedience and Rally Competition, your dog breaking the sit (getting up or lying down) can disqualify you. In everyday life if your dog breaks the sit, you dog may run out the door and into the street. Thus, your dog learning how to sit and ultimately remaining in a sit can be of utmost importance.

In this class, I am going to teach you how to teach your dog two different types of sits. You dog will learn to sit in a confident, attentive manner. When this class is over, you and your dog will be ready to test and proof your dog’s sit and to move on to the other classes in the Building Blocks Group.

This Class will teach you how to train your dog to do a pledge and a tuck sit.

What you get with this class:

  • Easy to use training log.
  • Referral guide for the Teaching Steps.
  • “How to” videos.
  • Problem solving guide.
  • Instant, lifetime access to ALL of the content in this course.

Please watch and learn all three games in the Games! a must for all great dogs! module that will help you with this class.

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