Throughout Obedience, Agility and Rally competition, you may need a “stand” your dog understands and performs accurately and promptly.

In Obedience you will need the Novice Stand for Exam which requires your dog to stand from a sit and remain in place while a judge touches him and you return.

In Utility, you will need a signal stand which is done during heeling and a moving stand also done while heeling.

In Rally you need the same stands as in Obedience and you may even use a stand on the start line for Agility.

Learn how to teach our dog to have confidence and focus on a stand.

This class has all you need to train the Stand

What you get with this class:

  • Easy to use training log.
  • Referral guide for Teaching Steps.
  • “How to” videos.
  • Problem solving guide.
  • Proofing ideas.
  • Lifetime access included.
  • Availability to ask and have questions answered by ME, DebbyQ

Please watch and learn the Jump to Hand and theĀ Get It Games before proceeding with this class.

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