What dogs need a stay? ALL dogs need to know and have a solid stay!

Staying put is a part of everyday life. Dogs need to learn to stay when their person is heading out the door, when greeting people, at the vet for exams as well in any type of dog sports such as Obedience, Agility, Rally, Field work or Herding etc. After your dog has mastered the sit, stand and down commands, the logical progression is training your dog to stay. Really when you think about it your sit, stand and down commands are not much value if your dog gets into those positions and then pops back up right away.

Although the position you leave your dog in will vary, there are some parts of the stay that will be the same every time. Your dog should remain in position without moving and the release from the stay will be the same every time, as will the command. For many people teaching their dog to stay is a real challenge.

Training a dog to remain in any position is really an easy task if it is done with a consistent, effective method. Teach, test then proof.

Those that have a stay problem and those that WILL have a stay problem!

Let ME help YOU have great STAYS.

This Class has all you need to train Stays

What you receive:

  • Easy to use training log.
  • Referral guide for Teaching Steps.
  • “How to” videos.
  • Problem solving guide.
  • Lifetime access included.

Please watch the Games! a must for all great dogs!  that will help you with this class.

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