Training Tip

When training or showing:

Be Positive — Use positive reinforcement when you train your dog by offering treats, games, and a lot of praise if he performs a task correctly.

Be Patient – Patience is the key when you are working with your dog.  If you have had a bad day, or you are in a bad mood, don’t attempt to train your dog.  Your dog is smart and sensitive and will pick up on your mood.

Keep it Short – Training sessions should end before your dog starts to fatigue.  The length of the session also depends on the age of your dog.  For example, a puppy has a very short attention span and needs sessions kept short.

Distractions – Try to pick a quiet spot that is free of distractions when teaching your dog a new trick or skill.  A quiet place in your back yard or inside your house works well.  If there are other pets in the household, put them up so they won’t interfere with training.

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