Agility Freebies

There are many skills that are needed for a variety on venues ….

The following are FREE to everyone.   ENJOY!

handlerHandling Turning Cues

Sits are used in All dog sports and venues as well as every day life. I will show you how I teach my dogs to sit. This will enable your to teach your dog to Sit in a confident attentive manner with consistent effective methods.


Flatwork requires nothing more than you, your dog, and some rewards (treats and/or toys). No agility equipment or agility knowledge is required. In fact, it is important to practice your Flatwork without any agility equipment nearby. You do not want your dog to inadvertently take an obstacle when you do not cue him to do so. The best part about Flatwork is it takes only a few minutes a day to develop a great foundation for your agility dog.