Sit/Down ~ Must Have Emergency! Free Webinar

emer sit

Anyone that has a dog should have an emergency Sit and/or Down.

This skill can save your dog’s life in an dire situation! 

Join me for this FREE Live Webinar

Random SIT/DOWN are key parts of teaching and having useful tools that you can use to gain control in an emergency situation.   

Besides giving you a great emergency command, this skill teaches and gives you a solid foundation for:

  • a Drop On Recall
  • or turn for a go-out
  • or the Command Discrimination
  • or a fast sit/drop on a table
  • or a great way to stop your dog when needing to change direction,
  • improves both direct and indirect focus.
  • and so much more!

You never knew that this one skill could affect so many future skills in different venues AND give you a tool to save your dog’s life in an emergency situation.

This FREE webinar is coming soon.  Sign up below for a personal invite.

What you get with this Webinar:

*LIVE Zoom meeting. 

*Presentation with Q&A. 

*Get the best way to teach a reliable sit and down at a distance. 

*** and it’s FREE

Registration closed. Hope to see you in classes or future webinars.

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