Do you want to be successful when showing?

Published in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine

Your approach to dog training has a big impact on the actual show results that you will get. As long as you have the right mindset about training, you can be sure that your dog will become a confident partner.

Here are a few tips that will help you and your dog become a great team!

1. Show your dog that you are the leader. Be confident when training and showing. When at home control your dog’s resources and have your dog work for everything he receives whether it is food, play or attention. While showing, be confident in what you have trained and trust your dog!

2. Use motivational methods and have fun during training by adding spontaneous games. Be imaginative and think out of the “box” of normal boring training such as sequencing. A boring training session is no fun for your dog or you!

3. Set realistic goals. How much time you spend and the quality of your training impacts the end results. High goals take more time and effort. Take time to plan your goals AND your training sessions.

4. TIMING, TIMING, TIMING. It IS all about the timing! Learn proper timing, video tape some of your training sessions to check your timing and make notes on ways to improve it.

5. Improve your “eye”. It’s all about seeing the little things that add up or magnify when you show. Videotaping and reviewing your training sessions is a GREAT way to show you what and how your dog is reacting to you while training. The “eyes” have it!

6. Be patient and consistent. Losing your temper will set you back weeks in training and ruin trust with your partner. If you run into an issue that you are not sure how to fix, put your dog up. Go call a friend or have a drink and think about a solution. Don’t worry, the problem will still be there the next time you go out to train.

With proper thought and planning, YOU TO CAN BE SUCCESSFUL WHEN YOU SHOW!

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