Drop on Recall Registration

Description of Exercise:

This class is only offered once a year!

Registration closes ————— and Questions will be answered until —————.

This class has all you need to train HOW to teach, perfect, and proof ——————-.

What you get with this class:

  • “How to Teach” videos and written instructions.
  • Games to build desire and fun.
  • Learn the best way to Sequence and maintain desire and build accuracy.
  • Proofing. The last and best step for your success.
  • Easy to use training log.
  • Points to Remember PDF.
  • 6 month access to content.
  • 4 Weeks to ask questions via Forum.

Please review and teach the foundation games, Jump to Hand, Cookie Toss Game and Get It Game before proceeding with this class.

This class is only offered once a year! Once the maximum number has been reached, the class will be closed.