Front&Finishes Proofing FB Group DQ Academy

It’s time to Improve your Fronts & Finishes through Proofing!

1 Month Proofing F&Fs class

If you have been DREAMING of perfect FRONTS and FINISHES, then this group is for YOU!

It’s now the TIME to PROOF those FRONTS & FINISHES.

Great Fronts and Finishes seem to be an easy concept and yet are HARD to teach your dog.

The challenge is keeping your dog accurate and confident while maintaining speed and desire.

SIGN UP NOW!!!! SPECIAL DQ Academy PRICE just for you!

What you can look forward to-

1 Month to Proof F&F’s!

Group Zoom meeting

Private FB Group to ask questions and post videos

A Challenge or drill each week to proof and perfect your F&F.

Proofing IS the last step needed to get PERFECT Consistent performances.

Plus much MORE!

F&F Facebook group will not open until May 1st