Getting ready for National Event?

I am often asked “how do I get ready for a National event?”

A few months before the event, my training sessions start to consist of My Training 3’s.

  • 1 skill, review foundation – example-pick up dumbbell up close, drop/back/down games, etc.
  • 1 skill, build desire – example – adding games to the Broad Jump like the toss back as dog lands or while he is on his sit.
  • 1 skill, proof – example – adding distraction, training new locations, etc.

Pick 3 exercises or skills and do 3’s training.  This would be the entire training session.  Short and sweet.    

Reminder that there are many SKILLS in every exercise or sequence. It is important to write a list of ALL skills in every exercise or sequence you want to train with your dog.   Once you have all the skills written out, make sure that you build desire, precision, and proof all the skills.  This will help ensure your success when you show.

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