Heeling PS & Proofing Group Platinum

It’s time to Improve, Fine-tune & FIX those heeling issues!

3 Months to Problem solve issues and Proof and perfect your heeling.

FB group will start Sept 1st and ends Nov 30th, 2023

What you can look forward to-

3 Months of heeling fun!

Interactive Private FB Group 

Post videos for review and ask questions in group

Instruction and feedback on your videos

Learn the ABCs of problem solving

Challenges and drills to practice, proof and perfect heeling

Reminders and tidbits to add to your training

Learn to proof correctly to perfect your heeling

Group Zoom meetings

PDF files to help your training

Plus much MORE!

This special price is only offered to current Platinum members.

The Facebook group will run for 3 months and is billed per month (no refunds or cancelations).