Heeling – Games, Drills and Skills – Part 1 Registration

NEW for 2022 – 3 Part Heeling class. Rally and Obedience!  This class is a MUST for – Great heeling scores – Faster course times – Focused and Fun Heeling!

You missed the first “Heeling” Class and all your friends ranted and raved about the class? Did it make you want to cry seeing their dogs improve and have more fun heeling?

Well ?????
Time is HERE and shows are just around the corner.   Join me in Heeling Pt1 class.   

Regardless if you do Rally or Obedience or BOTH, focused heeling will increase your score and likelihood to qualify. 

In this class you will learn all my drills, skills, and techniques games and skills to build Desire, Focus, and Fun in your Heeling!   This class is followed by “Turns – Games, Skills, and Drills” and then ” Kickin-Up Heeling – Polishing and Perfecting”.   

Build desire first.  It’s hard to proof or challenge if the DESIRE isn’t there.

Leslye P. says – “I did the Kickin Up Heeling online course and it was everything I hoped for and more. It’s a great course and more than that I enjoyed it. I’ve gotten a few 40 point heeling scores.”

This class is the First of 3 Heeling classes.  They each have skills and games that are needed build Desire and Focus into your Heeling.

What you will get with this class;

  • I have specifically developed modules on chosen topics, drills, and skills that will improve your Heeling, increase your dog’s desire, focus, attention, enthusiasm and make HEELING FUN for YOU and YOUR DOG!
  • *Access to class content for 1 year.
  • PDF files to help with training.
  • Detailed descriptions of all the steps, drills, and how to videos.
  • Companion classes:  Turns Pt2, and Kickin Up Heeling Pt 3.  A must for prefect Heeling!
  • This class contains:
      • Games to keep heeling and learning FUN!
      • Skills to challenge your dog’s knowledge and improve position while heeling.
      • Handler Cues for the clearest communication with your dog.
      • Perfect those pace changes & halts.
      • Problem solving.
      • Loads of games and skills to make Heeling FUN for you and your dog!
      • EXTRA bonuses including handler heeling cues, training concepts, and MORE!

See what past GOLD students are saying!

Peggy G says “I am most proud to report that OTCh Feature UDX5 OGM TD RN finished the year as #5 Border Collie and #23 All-Breeds. WOW!! So much of her success is because of YOU! Thank you so much!”

Patricia says “Debby Quigley I have to say – this is the best thing we’ve ever done!!! His heeling has improved so much! 7 yrs. I’ve been working to no avail! Thanks!”

Leslye P says “I did the kickin up your heeling online course and it was everything I hoped for and more. It’s a great course and more than enjoyed it. I’ve gotten a few 40 point heeling scores.”

Registration – Audit ONLY